Friday, September 22, 2017

Candy In The Media

Making jelly desserts from gummies... doesn't always work perfectly.

(Contributed by David)


Thursday, September 21, 2017

It's A New Sweet and Savory Review

The problem with sweet and savory foods is that there's a balance. The balance is obvious, sweet and savory, however how to do it right is not so obvious. That's very apparent in today's review, and the saddest thing is it could have worked perfectly.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

It's A New Episode Of Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!!

Some people tell me that Chris,Why Would You Eat That?!! is all about finding foods from far off lands and eating them on camera. The thing is, not all of the strange food in the world is found outside of North America. We North Americans also have our fair share of very strange treats, and I'm not going to leave us out.  When I saw these Root Beer Pop Tarts, I knew it was the perfect example.

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Friday, September 15, 2017

Candy In The Media

If you want to see something short, very cute, that involves a Cheeto, than you're in luck.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Soft Serve Trend

Ice cream is probably one of the most versatile specialty treats in the snacking market.  If you think about it, there are more varieties of ice cream, than just about anything else.  The zillions of flavours available go from the strange, like sweet potato, and charcoal, to the classics like vanilla and chocolate.  You can have flavours that are filled with a bunch of ingredients, or some that are only one.  But flavours are just the beginning when it comes to ice cream treats.

From Popsicle like ice cream treats, to classic hard ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, the list just goes on and on.  The great thing about these frozen treats is that the industry seems to be constantly looking out for the next big advancement.  Some of these advancements are amazing, and change the way we eat cold treats, while others are just gimmicks that are interesting at first, but don't really last very long.  When new ideas come out, it's hard to say what's going to stick around and what's going to leave us.

One interesting thing about cold treats is that you often find that the new trend/gimmick always seems to be expensive.  After all ice cream was originally a treat fit only for royalty, and took years to make it to the common market. In the last 15 years I seem to have notice that a new ice cream trend is working its way through the market every year.  One year it's making a sundae on a marble slab, the next year it's eating perfectly round spheres of ice cream, then after that it's ice cream sandwiches made with everything from cupcakes to doughuts.  The one trend that I've noticed lately that's interested me is high end soft serve ice cream.

Normally the low quality ice cream that was only available at buffets in restaurants and sold off of a truck, something new has come out lately.  Soft serve ice cream has been around since 1936 when it was invented by the Carvel company, later it became more popular by Dairy Queen. But in both of these cases it never became a gourmet dessert. For the longest time it sat in a bit of a limbo, not changing much at all.  Probably the most revolutionary addition to soft serve ice cream was the creation of the hard shell or chocolate dip. Sure some places got a little creative with flavours, both of the ice cream and the dip, but for the most part it stayed as hard ice creams ugly cousin, and never made it to the high end establishments.  That was until recently.

Over the last few years I've noticed a trend in high end soft serve ice cream places (or some might call them really expensive soft serve places).  It's almost become the cupcake of the ice cream world, with some soft serve ice cream parlors forming huge lines outside just to get a cone.  The thing that I couldn't understand is why. Why were people going nuts, and spending a great deal of money, on a treat you could buy up the street at Dairy Queen for so much less. What was the factor that made  these particular ice cream treats so amazing.

I decided recently to give them a try. I was in Quebec City and a new soft serve place was making waves on the town of Levi, just across the river from Quebec City.  A person at the tourist information office in Quebec City even suggested that this ice cream place was worth the trip across the river alone.  So after a quick ferry ride, and a wonderful dinner (by the way Levi, Quebec has some amazing restaurant choices), I decided to give this new trend a try.

The first thing I noticed is that the real selling point of this trend is not the ice cream as much as it's the toppings.  I felt this way because it appeared that only one flavour of ice cream was available (vanilla), and no one was ordering it plain. I'll be honest, this sent up a red flag for me right off the bat.  One trend I generally don't like in the dessert world is where you take a classic dessert and just fill it up with way too many toppings (I'm looking at you current milkshake trend). There has to be more to it than simply dumping a bunch of stuff on it for me to really get into a new trend.

I'm not sure if the ordering system at this place is the same as at other trendy soft serve places, but for me it was very confusing.  You pretty much go to the cash register and decide the size of cone you want, and how many ingredients you want. Dip is the one thing you don't really get a choice about either. Then there's a million other things you can have attached to your dip, everything from nuts to cotton candy are available. This again was raising some red flags for me. Since this was my first time ordering this kind of treat, I was fairly confused.  I wasn't sure what I wanted as far as ingredients, and more importantly there are about a dozen flavour of dip to choose from, and I wasn't sure what flavour I wanted.

As it turns out at this point in the ordering process, you don't have to know what flavour you want, you just have to know how many ingredients you want.  Honestly I was very overwhelmed, so I decided to take the easy way out.  There were several examples of "perfect combinations" available, one was a salted caramel chocolate dip cone special with caramel corn and nuts stuck to it. This seemed like something I'd like, and would get me out of this hellish ordering process. I imagine that after a few tries at ordering you might get the hang of it, which is a good technique to get return customers for these places.

The two other things that turned me off about this trend, is the crowds and the waiting.  I'm sure that the ice cream places love the crowds, and can't do much about the waiting because of the crowds, but I didn't really like it at all. I think the entire buying process took about 20 minutes, and the waiting wasn't comfortable at all. Who would have thought that kids would be the main customers, and that having them wait for long periods of time for ice cream would make them go crazy.

You may have noticed that I've been pretty negative about this experience so far, and you're likely thinking that I'm going to write a really scathing review of the treat itself. That or maybe I'm going to trick you, and in the end I'll tell you that it was all worth it in the end.  Well prepare to be disappointed.

The cone  itself was OK, not amazing, but not the worst thing ever either. The good thing about this cone was the dip.  The chocolate was so smooth and creamy, I could have just eaten a bar of it on its own.  The salted caramel flavour was perfectly balanced with the smooth chocolate. The toppings (caramel corn and peanuts) although a little silly at first, actually really added to the fun of eating this cone. It was fun to bite them off as I was working my way down the cone. It also added some great texture to an ice cream that's not really known for its texture.

The bad, was the ice cream.  First of all, it melted very fast.  I assume this is because the kind of chocolate dip they used did not contain as much coconut oil as other soft serve dips (thus improving the flavour). The problem is that the dip without so much coconut oil would then have to be kept at a higher temperature to keep it liquid. So when the cone is dipped, the ice cream is melting immediately. It was one of the messiest cones I've eaten in my life.  The other problem with the ice cream was that it wasn't that special at all.  It pretty much tasted exactly like every other soft serve ice cream I've eaten in my life.

Only once in my life have I had soft serve ice cream where the ice cream was actually better than the rest.  That's in a small town called The Mumbles in Whales. There's a place there called Joe's which is legendary for their soft serve.  The thing is, they're legendary because they make their own soft serve ice cream, and it's suggested that you just get the plain vanilla with no dip to experience it.  I would say that if I got the plain vanilla with no dip at this place, I would have been very disappointed for the price.

In the end I'll say that I'm not likely going to try this again.  Unless someone can point to a place that does something more than high quality dip and sticking lots of things to the outside, I just don't think it's worth it. I would rather spend the same amount of money on a sundae, or save my money and go to Dairy Queen.


Monday, September 11, 2017

It's The Last Entry In Our Canada To Cambodia Review-A-Thon!

I think we're ending this review-a-thon on a perfect note.  It's a strange candy, that ranked very low in two categories, but fairly high in a third.  Most of the time the scores for these reviews are fairly balanced all around, and it's not often that a candy can fail at so much, yet excel in one area.

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Yet Another Entry In Our Latest Review-A-Thon

Some reviews make me nervous.  On many occasions I've either received or purchased snacks that make me really nervous about eating them. This bag of chips was certainly in that category. The main reason I'm afraid of eating most snacks, hot spice.  I don't like burning my mouth off, but for some reason people in the candy world love to make hot and spicy treats.  I've been trying for years to improve my tolerance, but I've still got a long way to go.

Click here to find out if I had anything to be afraid of.

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Saturday, September 09, 2017

Part 4 Of Our Review-A-Thon Is Online!

When I first bought this snack, I wasn't 100% confident that it was a snack. I thought it might have been a meal instead. I was hungry, so i took a chance anyways.  My first guess was right, it was a snack, but then I was stuck  without a lunch.

Click here to read about this snack that looked like lunch.

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Friday, September 08, 2017

Candy In The Media

Watching this Lifesaver get crushed in slow motion is like watching a thunderstorm.


Part 3 of our Canada to Cambodia Candy Review-A-Thon Is Online!

One doesn't normally associate purple with ice cream, unless you find yourself in Asia.  Purple ice cream is fairly common in Asia, but it's almost never grape flavoured, it's ube.  Ube is basically sweet potato, or more particularly purple sweet potato.  It's been around for a while as a sweet flavour in treats.  Most of the time it's also more than just a flavour as most of the ube products are actually made with the purple sweet potato itself. I've had a pretty tasty jam made of ube before, so I was pretty excited to try this ice cream.

Click here to find out if it was as good as I thought it would be.

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Thursday, September 07, 2017

Part 2 Of Our Canada To Asia Candy Review-A-Thon... is a day late

Yup, we've already come across our first technical glitch. It appears the problem may have come about because we're now posting from a different country, or it could be that I pushed too many buttons on our FTP software. Either way our first review-a-thon in Asia has gone wrong, and we've missed a day.  We tried to post a new review yesterday, but it didn't work.  But we got everything back up and running, and we'll likely extend the review-a-thon so we can make sure you get all of the fun content that you deserve.

Click here to read the latest entry in our Canada to Asia review-a-thon.

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P.S. We're looking to update the look and feel of Candy Critic in the near future, so if anybody is good at using WordPress, we'd be happy to hear from you.


Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Hey Everybody, We're In Asia!

When I say we're in Asia, I don't mean that we've taken a trip to Asia, I mean we're in Asia and plan to be for the next few years. That means we're going to taste test as many variety of Pocky and Kit Kat bars that we can get our hands on, as well as some other fun treats from the area. While we're living in the south, we plan on traveling around to taste test things from as many places as we can. This will also likely lead to a few episodes of  Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!! coming out of here.

To start things off you may have noticed that we haven't been updating that much lately, well that's about to change. Now that we're starting to get settled, we'll be back on track with all of our reviews. Starting this week we're going to feature some of the treats we got on our two week adventure getting here. We posted a few things on Facebook and Twitter along the way, if you want to get an idea about what we're going to review.

For now we're just going to get ourselves organized, and start working on a few new articles for the blog (the one you're reading right now). So sit back and enjoy our latest candy finds, and please excuse the sometimes strange posting times of a few of the posts, we're still adjusting to the time difference.

For our first review in our Canada to Cambodia review-a-thon, we're posting a fun gummy we picked up in Vancouver. There's nothing particularly Canadian about this candy, but it was the last North American candy we bought before we left. Click here to find out if it was a grand send off, or a lame exit.


Friday, September 01, 2017

Friday, August 25, 2017

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Have The People At Oreo Gone Mad?!!

When I was a kid there was one kind of Oreo, it had chocolate cookies and a white icing center. At some point in my childhood the Oreo Double Stuff was introduced with the idea that there was twice as much cream as there was before. This was to be Oreo's first foray into changing their cookies, as well as into some controversy. There was a theory that Oreo simply reduced the amount of cream in their classic cookie, and the more expensive double stuff was in fact just the old version of the regular Oreo.

Slowly Oreo started to add more versions of their cookies onto the market. Golden Oreos are an Oreo with vanilla cookies instead of chocolate. Uh-Oh Oreos were a vanilla cookie with a chocolate cream center. Most of these variations used either chocolate or vanilla cookies and chocolate or vanilla cream. At this point things weren't out of hand, chocolate and vanilla seemed like an area where Oreo could venture safely.
Somewhere between 2006 and 2010 things seem to have fallen off the rails. As usual it appears to have originated in either Japan or Canada. Both of these countries are often the source of strange flavored things becoming the norm in the western world. You can always reference potato chips in Canada and Kit Kit bars in Japan for a better idea of the phenomenon. Canada often introduces not extremely strange versions, but slightly different flavours to the American market, it's easy with their close proximity to the USA. Japan on the other hand is legendary for their extreme flavour varieties of classic treats, and on the Internet these crazy flavours slowly find their way into American homes.

By 2010 it appears that the western world had jumped on board the freaky Oreo cookie bandwagon and things have been getting weirder and weirder ever since. It seems that the folks at Oreo have been given cart blanch and can pretty much come up with any flavour choices they want. Gone are the days when chocolate and vanilla are the only two flavours allowed. Today it seems that Oreo cookies come up with some kind of crazy new cookie every month. Pumpkin spice, blueberry pie, and orange creamcicle are just a few examples of some of the limited editor flavours we've seen so far.

But much like the introduction the double stuff cookie, these varieties have stirred up a bit of controversy. In my circle of friends the Oreo fireworks cookie (an Oreo with pop rocks like candy in the icing) was the topic of a huge debate. Some calling it a travesty of nature, others calling it the greatest thing ever created. Then there was the Oreo Peeps debacle, something that affected me personally. These Oreo cookies made headlines when it was found out that the pink colouring of the icing caused a certain colour shift in a solid biological function.  Yup, it made your poop pink.
I had already eaten a few of the cookies before I learned about this, but I didn't check my bathroom colours at the time. Fortunately I had more than half a bag left when I did learn about this issue, and I can tell you that the story was true... And a little disturbing. While this was the big story that broke about these cookies, the thing I found odd about the Oreo Peeps was what they did to your mouth. I realized that every time I ate a few of these cookies, I would spit up pink every time I brushed my teeth, for a few days.  So even if it was 2 or 3 days since eating them I would find that when I brushed my teeth I would spit out pink.

Oreo is on the edge of crossing over into dangerous territory with these crazy flavour, a line that's been crossed by a few candy companies trying to ride the wave of crazy flavour varieties. After that line is crossed, few survive. This line is crossed when a company has obviously run out of logical ideas when it comes to flavours. After this point these companies start to "get creative" and often weird for the sake of being weird. Kit Kat has weathered this storm and built an industry on their strange flavours, but a few other candy companies have fallen down that hole and not done well. The true indication of this is when Oreo decides they want to try savory flavours instead of sweet.

When you cross that line, you may find that some of your die hard fans have fallen out of favour. The news release about your new wacky flavour doesn't get the rush to the stores, but instead gets ridicule or a ho-hum type reaction. While the debate among my friends rages about whether or not Oreo has jumped the shark with these wacky flavours, I've found myself on the side of enjoying them. I've enjoyed the creative ideas, I've even enjoyed the flavour of most of them. So far Oreo, I'm on your side, but be careful. One day I may not rush out the store to try your latest creation.


Friday, August 18, 2017

Candy In The Media

It's almost as beautiful to watch this candy get made as the candy results at the end.


Friday, August 11, 2017

Thursday, August 10, 2017

It's a Special Dorito Review On Candy Critic

If you don't think that shape has any effect on what you eat, the folks at Doritos are trying to prove you wrong. Did they succeed, well you'll just have to read this new review to find out.


Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Let Us Drink To My Childhood With New York Seltzer

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with New York Seltzer.  My two flavours of choice were Root Beer and Black Cherry.  I couldn't get enough of this clear pop.  I got hooked on the stuff from my sister.  She was three years older than me, and I think she was in 7th and 8th grade while I was still in 4th or 5th.  She discovered this stuff with her cool friends, so I figured I wanted to drink what the big kids were drinking. I can tell you that the marketing certainly didn't attract a kid of my age.  At that age all of my sweet stuff had to bold, bright and outrageous.  New York Seltzer was classy, subdued, and clear. The thing is, once I took a sip of this crazy drink I was hooked.  Sure the appeal of being like the big kids got me interested, but something else got me hooked.

I think the first thing that fascinated me about New York Seltzer was the fact that it was clear.  In my childhood mind I couldn't figure out how something that was clear could have flavour, except maybe 7up. New York Seltzer didn't just come in lemon\lime, it came in all kinds of flavours, and none of them should have been clear.  It boggled my mind enough that it made want more.  This is also likely why the root beer flavour was one of my favourites since root beer should never be clear.

The thing about all good things is that they must come to an end.  I'm not sure when New York Seltzer disappeared, but as a teenager it certainly wasn't a thing. As many things do, New York Seltzer became a memory for me, and something I never thought I would get to drink again. The thing is, while I still remember my fascination about the fact it was clear, I can't really remember why I liked drinking this stuff. Was it a unique flavour, was it sweet or not, how did it feel going down?  I just couldn't remember anything specific about this drink that I was totally obsessed with.

Then a few months back I was wondering through a 7-11 in Toronto (as one might do), and I came across something I never thought I would see again, a selection of New York Seltzers.  I was face to face with a part of my childhood that I never thought I would see again. You might say it was like seeing Mickey Mouse at Disney World again, but imagine you not only saw Mickey, you saw him again as a child.  It had been so long since I tasted New York Seltzer that I couldn't remember why I liked it so much, all I remembered was happiness.

The two problems I had facing this selection of sodas were as follows. First of all they were expensive, and while I was keen on remembering my childhood, I was also feeling pretty bad for paying more than 3 bucks for a tiny bottle of soda. The second problem came about with picking a flavour. I only wanted to buy one bottle since it was so expensive, but I wanted to make sure that I got a flavour I would enjoy and would bring me back some of my youth.  I was obviously torn between root beer and black cherry.  I remembered black cherry being my sister's favourite, and so I figured it was likely the flavour that I first tried, and the flavour that hooked me in the first place.  So black cherry it was.

It's taken me more than a month to get the courage to open this bottle up.  I've been thinking about it a lot, but unable to find the right time to drink it.  Should I wait for a special occasion, or wait till I was alone. I wanted to remember this, and have the ability to think about it as well.  I wanted to remember why it made me so very happy.  After a great deal of debate in my head, I decided that this week's taco night was the perfect time.  It wasn't a very special night, but it is one of our favourite meals that we have.

I opened the bottle, took a couple of pictures (for this blog) and took my first sip.  It was very interesting.  I began to remember this drink all over again, and I think I found out why I loved it so much. Granted the fact that it was very flavourful and clear did interest me, Pepsi Clear pretty much made this not as interesting as it used to be.  There were two things that really appealed to me about this drink.

First of all the flavour, it's not too sweet at all.  In a world where sweet and drinks are often tied together, it's nice to have a drink that isn't super sweet at all.  It was a deep cherry flavour, and that flavour was allowed to shine without being covered in sugar. But the thing that hit me off guard was the bubbles, the tiny, tiny bubbles. I've never had a carbonated drink with bubbles like this. The only way I could describe them is to say they're little. They tickle the throat like no other bubbles, and they left me wanting more.

Unfortunately for me, I don't have a 7-11 near my house right now, and it looks like I won't be near a Canadian 7-11 for a few years now.  I fear that I may never have an opportunity to try it again. I'm not sad at all though, because I can look back at this blog and remember, I can remember how it felt to drink it, and I can remember a slice of my childhood once again.


Monday, August 07, 2017

It's A New Episode Of Junk Fud On The Road

This episode of Junk Fud On The Road is a special episode all about truck stops.  Allison and I go on a lot of road trips, and we always like to stop at truck stops or any kind of highway oasis. In this episode we talk about the good and bad when it comes to highway foods. Best (or worst if you're talking about sound quality) of all, we recorded the whole episode while on the road.

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Friday, August 04, 2017

Candy In The Media

Ice cream as a metaphor for sexuality... it's tasty and kind of sexy too.


Thursday, August 03, 2017

We've Finally Reviewed Jelly Beans

Why did it take us so long to get around to reviewing jelly beans? Frankly we're not really sure, but here we are with many years of writing candy reviews below our belt and only now have we done this review.

Click here to find out why it was so hard, and what we think about these bean shaped candies.


Monday, July 31, 2017

We've Reviewed A Number Of Hershey Bars, And Here's Another One

It's not that I don't like Hershey bars, they've just never been my favourites.  I know this is sacrilege to some, but there's just better chocolate out there. I'm just not on the Hershey bandwagon, but I'll keep trying their bars as long as they keep making them.

Click here to read our latest Hershey review, the Hershey Cookie+ Caramel.


Monday, July 24, 2017

We Just Posted A Bubbaloo Magic Candy Review

I was inspired to post this review because I was going through my candy stash and looking at what I need to photograph, review, or throw out (sometimes I just can't eat all this candy, I'm only human).  While checking what I had to post, I thought, why not post a new review as well. That's what this summer of random reviews is all about!

Click here to read the new Bubbaloo Magic candy review!


Saturday, July 22, 2017

It's The First In Our Random Summer Candy Reviews

Back when I started this blog I used to post new reviews whenever I wanted, or whenever I had one to post.  Then I started to notice that I didn't post reviews for weeks at a time. I decided then to post regularly, once a week. This summer I'm going to be super busy, and I wanted to loosen up a bit on the schedule, so I've decided to try random candy posts again. This time however I'll guarantee at least one review a week. This likely means I'll often post more than one review a week.  I'll keep this up throughout the summer and see how it goes.

This particular review was pretty disappointing for me. You'd imagine that a bar with the name symphony would sing in your mouth. Instead it was just a collection of sour notes.

Click here to read the review.

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Thursday, July 20, 2017

We Just Posted A New Episode of Junk Fud On The Road

In this episode Chris and Allison talk about Lithuania.  While Lithuania had a few interesting food finds, this episode of Junk Food On The Road went off on a few non-food tangents. This is most likely because we recorded this episode so many years after visiting Lithuania, so we likely forgot a few details.  Either way there's certainly a few food related stories, including the time Allison was defeated by a piece of meat.  So have a listen and make sure to like and follow us on YouTube or SoundCloud to keep up with all our new podcasts.

Click here to check out old episodes of Junk Fud.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

This Week In Candy... Maybe Our Last

Don't worry, I'm not ending, I'm just not going to be posting any more "This Week In Candy" posts on this blog. I'm not sure if this is a permanent thing or not, but this summer is super busy and I haven't had the time or ability to keep this up.  I also know for a fact that I would have been missing a few more This Week In Candy posts in the future. So rather than continue to post these late every week (or not at all), like this one is, I've decided to give it a break.

Instead I'm going to focus on write a few editorial like posts that will go up randomly here on the blog.  I'm also going to focus on our podcast and YouTube shows. I'll continue to post about the new episodes we do here on this blog. We'll also continue to post Candy in the Media every Friday.  As for reviews, I think I might go back to a random format for posting new reviews. That means I'll post a new review whenever I feel like it.  I can promise at least one review a week, but sometimes we might have more. I'll make sure to post a link to the new review on this blog as well, but you can also see them on our Facebook and Twitter feed as well.

We may bring back This Week In Candy later on, we'll see how things pan out.

Just to keep things consistent for our last This Week In Candy post, we'll be posting this week's new candy review here. The one thing I can't figure out about this week's new review is weather or not it's actually a candy or a if it's an ingredient.  Click here to read about it, and let me know what you think.


Friday, July 14, 2017

Candy In The Media

This was beautiful to watch, however I did shed a tear for all of the lost candy.


Monday, July 10, 2017

This Week In Candy

Well summer is upon us, and s'mores are once again making a comeback. In general I like s'mores, they take two things I love, gram cracker and chocolate, and something I only like toasted, marshmallows, and turn them into something fun. I've seen all kinds of s'mores variations and machines this year, including the one above, but nothing really beats the classic made on a campfire in nature. Summer is a strange time for candy, since most candy melts in the hot sun, but somehow we managed to create a sweet treat that makes sure we can still enjoy some chocolate, and uses heat to its advantage.

You may have noticed a lack of "This Week In Candy" last week, this was in great part because of the insanity we had going on here during Canada Day and eventually the 4th of July. I think we're back on track for now, however I see more disruptions in the future this summer. We have two epic adventures happening this summer, one of which is going to change things a lot here at I always here stories of the long slow summer, but I rarely seem to live it, it's always chaos at our house. The good news for any of you following along on Twitter and Facebook is that you can keep up with out adventures this summer.

This week is hopefully going to be filled with editing and recording episodes of Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!!, and Junk Fud On The Road. Next week we'll post an episode of Junk Fud On The Road, and later an episode of Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!! We're also working on a few episodes of In Hindsight that we'll post later in the summer.

This week's new review is of a classic bar, but a classic bar with a twist.  In general I shudder when I have to eat a classic candy with "a twist", but this one wasn't all bad.  Click here to find out why the Snickers bar can be crispier, but maybe it's not necessary.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Candy In The Media

If you're an anally retentive foodie, some of the scenes in this video will disturb you.


Monday, June 26, 2017

This Week In Candy (Canada Day Edition)

Holy crap it's Canada Day week already! Next Saturday is an important day in the lives of Canadians, it's not only the day of the founding of our awesome country, it's also the 150th anniversary of this founding. Unlike some countries (I don't want to name any names) our country was not founded in war, instead our country was founded by the fact that the British didn't want to pay our bills anymore. This may not seem like something to be proud of, but we Canadians are a little quirky, and appreciate anything that's strange and non-violent.

To celebrate this great event we're going to be featuring two great things this week. First of all we're going to feature a few posts in our Doughnut Project, because what's more Canadian than a doughnut, particularly one from Tim Horton's.  We might also post a few Canadian Snack Facts, and you'll find all of these on our Instagram feed.  If you've been following us on Facebook and Twitter, you might have noticed us posting a few special Canada 150 treats as well. It seems that many of the snack companies have gotten into the Canada 150 spirit, some are more appropriate than others.  I'm sure we'll come across a few more in the coming week leading up the big event, so make sure to check back regularly.

We're also going to be in Ottawa (since that's where we live right now) to see the big celebration on Saturday.  We'll very likely be posting photos of any fun snack/treat related things we find in the celebration.

Speaking of Canada 150 treats, this week's new review is both odd, and very Canadian. I guess that makes it doubly Canadian, or some might call it a double-double (Canadian joke). It's what happens when a gummy company decides to go extreme on Canadian stereotypes. Fortunately it works really well, and tastes OK too.  Click here to read about the perfect treat for celebrating Canada 150.


Friday, June 23, 2017

Monday, June 19, 2017

This Week In Candy

It's been/is a crazy couple of weeks of travel for me through Ontario and later Quebec. All of this travel has been on either train or car, which happen to be my favorite methods of transportation. Except for the long sitting parts, that just makes my legs numb thinking about it. One thing I do love about these methods of transportation, besides the fact that you don't have to be violently catapulted into the sky, is the food.

Train travel always reminds me of snacking. A childhood memory from when my dad used to take us to our grandfather's house on the train and load us up with snacks. Likely to keep us quite. Car travel reminds me of random truck stops and all the treasures that come with them. Then there's the fact that you're going someplace, and likely in my case discovering new treats. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to see these treats we've come (or will come) across. Maybe I'll even find a special Tim Horton's Doughnut to ad to the Doughnut Project, or maybe I'll find some cool Canada 150 candy.

This week we're not going to be posting a new review. It's mostly because I just haven't had the time to post anything due to my hectic schedule.  It's strange, updating's new reviews are the only thing I need my home computers to update. This is making me think more and more about updating the way the site works, make it something I can update anywhere. If I get time later this week, maybe I'll post a special review or something.


Monday, June 12, 2017

This Week In Candy

It's going to be a short This Week In Candy as I'm getting ready to head to Toronto. I'm going for work, and strangely not work, but that doesn't mean I'm not likely to find some interesting things in my home town. One thing that's happening is I'm traveling with a friend that doesn't know Toronto that well, so I imagine I'm going to be taking him to all kinds of fun restaurants and snack places. I'm sure I'll post some pictures of our adventures. I'm also happy to take suggestions you might have for the perfect Toronto food.

It's also less than one month away from Canada's 150th birthday, and I think we'll be ramping up our Canada snack finds.  I'll be posting a few of our finds on Facebook and Twitter. This week we also have a new doughnut going up in our Doughnut Project on Instagram that's a special Canada 150 edition. Also, this week we're compiling some Canadian Snacks Facts that will also be going up on our Instagram feed.

This week's new review is the first in our special edition Canada 150 treats. It's a Maple Mars bar and it's surprisingly Canadian, for a bar that was invented outside of this country.  Click here to find out why this bar is a little overly Canadian.


Friday, June 09, 2017

Candy In The Media

As it turns out, if you really want to enjoy that junk food, getting a little drunk might help.


Thursday, June 08, 2017

It's A New Episode of Junk Fud On The Road!

In this episode Allison and Chris remember their trip to Poland, and all of the fun food they tried there.

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Monday, June 05, 2017

This Week In Candy

I was thinking about Canadian candy this week, and something came to mind. One of the interesting things about Canadian candy is the diversity we have in our candy. I'm not talking about cultural diversity from other countries (although we do have that), I'm talking about diversity from one province to another. Canada is a big place, bigger than all of Europe, so it's not surprising that you find different foods (or candy) throughout the country. Even when you cross over from one province to another you'll find new treats. I live in Ottawa, and it's only a few kilometers from my closest grocery store to a grocery store in Quebec, and yet there are some unique treats you can't find in the Quebec grocery store that you can't find in mine. This is one of the great things about this country I call home, and something I really miss when I live overseas.

Speaking of travel and culture, this week on we're going to be posting a new episode of Junk Fud On The Road. In this episode Allison and I talk about our adventures in Poland and all of the fun foods we came across. Over the month of June we're going to be posting some fun Canadian Snack Facts on our Instagram feed to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. You can follow Snack Facts on Instagram right here. We're also going to be keeping an eye open for more Canada 150 themed treats over the next month,you can keep up with those on our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

This week's new review is a Kit Kat rip off... sort of. The subtle difference between a Kit Kat and this bar made it really hard to review, but I managed. Click here to find out what made this bar a little different from a Kit Kat bar.


Friday, June 02, 2017

Monday, May 29, 2017

This Week In Candy

I think we're officially in the summer schedule of things here at I'd like to apologies for me posting this late, but frankly I think I'm just going to accept that the schedules here are going to be nuts over the summer. The other problem I have is cookies on the brain.  I can't seem to get my mind off of cookies for the last few weeks.  I have two projects in mind involving cookies, and I hope I get them done over the summer.  The first is a project where I want to look at the what makes for a good cookie ingredients.  We'll look at chocolate chips, nuts, and other unconventional cookie toppings in this article. My other idea is to create the perfect Canadian cookie for Canada's 150th birthday.  This is inspired by a new maple leaf shaped cookie cutter I've recently purchased. If you have any ideas about "Canadian" cookie ingredients, let me know.

This week Allison and I have decided we're going to try and record a few episodes of Junk Fud On the Road, so we don't fall behind again. I think it's also about time to clean out the candy drawer.  That means anybody that runs into me in the next few weeks will likely be offered some kind of candy.  I'll likely post about the clean out process on our Facebook and Twitter feeds as they happen.  Maybe I'll even shoot a live Periscope feed while I'm doing it.

This week's new review is our first Ice Cream review of the year.  I'll be honest, it's a review I wrote while I still lived in Pakistan, but I was saving it for a summer back home.  It reminds me about one of the great discoveries from my time in Pakistan, and reminds me not to judge a place's food before I eat it.  Click here to find out why.


Friday, May 26, 2017

Holy Cow! It's a New Episode of Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!!

In this episode Chris tries the drink made famous in the television show Lavern and Shirley, Pepsi and milk. Find out if this is a bad idea, or something we should all try.

Click here to find old episodes of Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!!


Candy In The Media

Some interesting information about the Slurpee, in particular why they all taste the same.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

This Week In Candy

This weekend Allison and I decide to take a quick road trip to Montreal. Montreal is a great place to visit, with lots of fun food options most notably our inevitable stop at Schwartz Deli for a smoked meat sandwich.  For some reason Allison and I also have a love for the IKEA in Montreal. We find it has a few things not available at other IKEAs, and the layout seems a little better.  While visiting the IKEA I came across these special IKEA cookies (pictured above).  As you can see, instead of featuring all of the letters of the alphabet they only have the letters I, K, E, A. That got me thinking, I wonder how many words, other than IKEA, one can spell with these letters?  I wonder if there are more words in Swedish that you can spell? Send us any words you come up with (you can use the same letter as many times as you want), and we'll try and make a master list.

As you may have noticed we're a little late with This Week In Candy, this is both because we're now on our not so reliable summer schedule, and because of Victoria Day. Victoria day is a holiday here in Canada where we celebrate the Queen that gave Canada its independence. Speaking of which, as you may or may not know, Canada is turning 150 years old this year, and we're on the hunt for special editions treats to celebrate this occasion.  We've found a few, some we even plan on reviewing. Make sure to keep up with all our Canadian snack finds on Twitter and Facebook. This week we're also going to post a new episode of Chris, Why Would You Eat That?!!, so stay tuned.

Going with the IKEA theme, this week we have a special review-a-thon going on.  Every day this week we're posting a new review of some candy we came across at IKEA.  You don't always associate candy with do it yourself furniture, but they actually have a pretty awesome collection.  I'm not sure how much of it is authentically Swedish, but I don't really care either.  Click here to read the first  IKEA candy review, and make sure to check back here every night for a new review.


Friday, May 19, 2017

Candy In The Media

So that's what happened to the world's largest hamburger (and other food).


Thursday, May 18, 2017

Cooking With Candy Critic - Chocolate Covered Candied Bacon

In a perfect world there would be a sweet indulgent treat that would take almost no skill, and almost no time to make.  This treat would make people really happy and have them begging you to make more, since there's no way it's easy enough for just about anybody to make.  Ladies and gentlemen, I have such a recipe.  This recipe takes little effort, almost no skill, and everybody I took these to demanded more.  One person even stole the extras to take home to his family.
What I'm talking about is chocolate covered candied bacon.  It sounds decadent, yet down to earth, but more importantly it sounds way more complicated than it actually is to make.  You'll need a few basic ingredients that most people are very familiar with. Bacon, brown sugar, cinnamon, and chocolate chips. You'll also need two baking pans, and either parchment paper or silicon baking sheet liners. To start off, cut your bacon in half, or thirds, or don't cut it at all. It all depends on how you plan on serving these treats. I chose to cut them into thirds since I was planning on taking these to a public place with a few people around and I wanted them to be easy to eat by hand.

After you've cut the bacon, lay it out on your baking tray that is lined with the parchment paper or silicon tray liners (I prefer the tray liners myself). Then cover the bacon with brown sugar, you want your bacon to have a good solid layer of brown sugar because it's going to melt, and a bunch of it will run off. Then sprinkle on a little cinnamon, this is totally optional, and you can put on as much as you like. Heat your over to 350, and once it's heated put in the tray with the bacon and brown sugar.
After seven and a half minutes, take out your bacon, flip it, and coat it in more brown sugar.  You'll likely need some tongs to do this, although a spatula might work. Put your bacon back in the oven for another seven and a half minutes.  Once it's cooked, take the bacon out and let it cool for about 15 or 20 minutes.  You basically want the bacon to firm up a bit.  When the bacon is just about cooled, take about one cup of chocolate chips for every 5 slices of bacon, unless you really like chocolate, in which case go nuts.  Microwave your chocolate chips for about one minute on high.

When you take the chocolate chips out of the microwave you might notice that they don't look very different, that's OK.  You'll also notice that the bowl they're in is pretty hot, and some of the chips at the bottom are melted.  Quickly stir your chocolate chips, after a minute or so you'll notice that your chocolate chips are melting pretty well.  Keep stirring and don't be fooled about putting the chocolate chips back in the microwave.  This technique tempers the chocolate perfectly for this recipe.
After you've stirred your chocolate chips to the point when they're melted into a smooth milk chocolate, it's time to cover your bacon.  You could try and dip the bacon, but I've had a pretty hard time making that work.  I imagine if you added some cream to the chocolate chips it might be smooth enough to get a good dip, but since we're only using the chocolate, it's still too dense. So what I suggest is to use a spoon or a piping bag and just dump the chocolate on the bacon.  I like to poor it on half of the bacon, and lay it on fairly thick.  If you're more of a bacon fan than a chocolate fan, you might want to go a little lighter, maybe a fancy drizzle on the top.

After you bacon is decorated to your liking, let it set for about 30 minutes, then refrigerate.  If you really like what you're seeing, you can pretty much eat these immediately after you pour the chocolate on them, but the chocolate will be pretty gooey at this point, not that that's a bad thing.  If you let them set in your fridge overnight, they'll be much easier to transport, and a little easier to eat. So there you go, simple chocolate covered candied bacon.